The Gardens of Carbonana

Assino valley near Gubbio, (Umbria) as seen from Carbonana Castle
Assino valley near Gubbio, (Umbria) as seen from the castle
Portrait of the landscape architect Ronald Holbrook

Ronald Holbrook, Landscape Architect

It is impossible to say adequately that my greatest debt of gratitude in designing the gardens of Castello di Carbonana goes to its visionary owners, who tirelessly dedicated five inspiring years spearheading this complex project.

The commission I received to design and create the gardens was conceived in 2011.

Upon first visiting the medieval castle and its 50 acre surrounding property, I was immediately drawn and fascinated by the understated yet powerful simplicity, natural beauty and challenging terrain.

In response, my mandate and  primary design objective was  to  create  an equally  subdued,  yet  visually inspiring, modern day , private garden  with  unexpected, whimsical, almost lyrical qualities  and  never before  experienced,  functional outdoor spaces  conducive to entertaining and relaxation  throughout the property.

The series of inter-connecting gardens encourages the viewer to appreciate all aspects of  the  architecture and  surrounding Umbrian  countryside.

The gardens of Castello di Carbonana were created with imagination and enormous care and thought.  That being said, it is my hope that this vision continues to complement and breathe new life into this national monument.

This truly unique commission and the close collaboration with the castle’s owners, consultants and highly skilled craftsmen will remain with me as a lifetime privilege and unforgettable experience.

Ronald Holbrook, Landscape Architect

The Gardens of Carbonana: Before the Restoration

The Gardens of Carbonana: After the Restoration